A Note from Jack Pfister's daughter, Suzanne Pfister:

It’s been four years since my dad passed away, and virtually every week someone still comes up to me with a story of how he helped them, how he changed their life, or just what a truly great man he was. That is extraordinary.

Because of this, we wanted to find a way to capture these stories and continue to celebrate his legacy. Hence the idea for this website was born.

Our family also has hired veteran journalist, Kathleen Ingley, to write a biography about him. She is interviewing people and capturing stories about his life and his contributions to Arizona.

So take a few minutes to peruse the site, read some of the reflections about him, and then add your own comments and stories.


"Jack Pfister, one of the last of Arizona's great home grown
community business leaders..."

"...the support of Jack Pfister could - and often did make the difference."

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Jack Pfister